Mutually Endorsing CA Infrastructure, proposal v2 
Friday, February 24, 2012, 11:47 PM
We must solve the problem that any CA is a single point of failure for the Web's trust, as used by the SSL/TLS protocol.

In October 2011 I had published a rough description of a system that I named MECAI, Mutually Endorsing CA Infrastructure.

It took some time to think in more detail about the various aspects, and I'm thankful for the discussions I had with other security experts, who pointed out missing details, problems that still need to be solved, etc.

Now I'm able to announce that I've published (yesterday) a more detailed writeup (version 2), you can find it here:

I'm looking forward to your feedback. It might be best to post your feedback to the IETF's mailing list therightkey.


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