Welcome. This is the home of campico, a Camera Picture Copier.


A small utility that will read files from a source and copy to another destination, making a directory for each day and renaming all files to the date-and-time they where last modified.

This is used to rename pictures from a digital camera (e.g. usb-mounted) or a memory card to have them make more sense, i.e. copy /mnt/cam/dcim/fuji_100/dcs0001.jpg, to ~/pictures/2003-06-13/2003-06-13_23_59_59-3b3cb34a21cc4339935d13ee41856d08.jpg.

You may ask, what's the purpose of that long random looking suffix (e.g. 3b3cb34a21cc4339935d13ee41856d08)?

Campico will avoid copying files with same date/time and contents more than once, and this suffix is a "hash value" of the contents of the original image file.

By keeping this value in the file name, we can detect an attempt to copy a file that you already have, and skip copying again.

This works even after you modify the images at the destination location, such as rotating or applying red eye correction, etc.

Download latest version: campico version 0.4.0
Download older version: campico version 0.1.0

Maintainer of campico is Kai Engert, based on the cpc utility originally created by Torgeir Hansen.