Welcome to Kai's EWS64 page!

The diagram shown below was originally taken from the Terratec manual.
I found the original picture not clear enough to understand the signal routing, especially I didn't understand which switch of the software belonged to which part of the diagram.
So I decided to make some additions and modifications to the picture. However, I can't guarantee that everything is correct :-)

NEWS: A modificated / enhanced routing diagram has been created by Hans-Peter Fieber (thanks!).

The image shown below is Hans-Peters new version (11.03.99). The changes to my previous version are:

PURPLE: digital signal process
BLACK and GREY: analog signal process
GREEN: IN-2 switch in control panel A/D/M (DSP-Source Analog/Digital/Mixer)
BLUE: OUT-1 switch in control panel A/B/C (A=Codec out, B=DSP out [or like Thomas Alker wrote "Best Audio"], C=forget it fast)

If you find any errors or would like to make additions, please let me know.
For more information I recommend reading the EWS-64 Mailing list.