Welcome to my MVCREN page, a tool for working with Sony Mavica floppy disks.

Files on multiple Sony Mavica disks cause naming conflicts with each other.
If you copy them to your hard disk and want to collect them in a single directoy, you must rename them first.

Therefore I created the little program MVCREN. It's purpose is to copy all the files from a disk to a destination directory while automatically renaming them. I was inspired by Leo Foretich, Jr., who created the program DIGITAL CAMERA CONTACT SHEET (DCCS). Thanks, Leo!
However, I felt the need for a program much simpler to use and smaller to download. The result is MVCREN, which I programmed in C++.

NEW A Linux version is now available. In addition, it automatically creates html files for the files in the destination directory. Sorry, I can't provide this for windows, as I'm no longer using it... Linux source is here. Compile using:

g++ -o mvcren -O mvcren.cxx

It is a 32 bit program, you can use it with Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 3.1 with Win32s should work, too.

It doesn't have a Graphical User Interface (GUI), it's used on the command line. Or, if you prefer, you may create a shortcut on your Windows Desktop including the desired parameters.

Usage is simple:


For example, to copy all jpg image files from your floppy disk drive "a:" to a folder on your hard disk "c:\temp", use the command:

mvcren a:\ c:\temp

NEW: Optionally a third parameter can be specified, specifying the file extension of the files you want to copy. For example, to copy all files with extension mpg from your floppy disk drive "a:" to a folder on your hard disk "c:\temp", use the command:

mvcren a:\ c:\temp mpg

Please note, that the destination path must exist.
The program will never overwrite any files on your hard disk. It's not possible to overwrite images you have modified after copying to the harddisk.

Download the program by clicking here. Maybe you have to use the right mouse button and select a command like "Save Link as" or such.
If you own a C++ compiler, you may download the sourcecode here.

MVCREN is provided without any guarantee.
If you need help, please check rec.photo.digital first, I'm sure there will be someone to help.
If you find any bugs, please let me know.