Kai Engert - keys and fingerprints:

Primary OpenPGP key for: kaie at kuix dot de (download)
Fingerprint: 21D1 6E67 E183 98C8 DA9D DF2E 1C27 4237 2500 7724

Additional OpenPGP key (used on smartphone) for: kaie at kuix dot de (download)
Fingerprint: 758A A3AF 3C80 7994 EBE0 84FC 4EE9 760E FF90 116F

Additional OpenPGP key used with software from keybase.io for: kaie at kuix dot de (download)
Fingerprint: EFAB 628E 54B4 5E31 675E 478E 1E04 62BC 8F32 CC5F

Key for my other email address: kaie at thunderbird dot net (download)
Fingerprint: DB54 6519 B220 89EF DBE8 1309 40DC 6189 F926 9749

Primary OTR key for my XMPP/Jabber chat account: kaie at kuix dot de
Fingerprint: C3D8FE92 ABC25BC2 1B16132E A114058D B05170B1

OTR test key for a test XMPP/Jabber chat account: kaie-otr-test at kuix dot de
Fingerprint: 7E43CD88 3F3FD081 A2FABEB6 09D0F2D0 7AB2B5AC

If you already trust my primary key, you may download a digital signature of this page to verify that it was me who made the above statements.

To verify, download the signature, then use your browser's menu file save as command to save this page as filename kai-engert-keys-fingerprints.html. Place both files into the same directory, and use the following command to verify:

gpg --verify kai-engert-keys-fingerprints.html.asc kai-engert-keys-fingerprints.html