kuix.de - Kai's Ultimate Information eXchange ;-)

Welcome. This website is run by Kai Engert.

I work for Red Hat, Inc. on security and crypto topics. However, this site is run by myself, and the opinions expressed on this site are my own.

(FYI, this server hosts a lot of random tests related to my work, most of them are in the /misc directory, in case that's how you came here.)

I'm a Linux user, and I contribute to the Fedora project. I appreciate the ideas of open source and free software.

I've been a contributor to the Mozilla project since 2001, including the NSS security library and the security features of the Firefox and Thunderbird applications.

I maintain a small utility that can be used to manipulate NSS databases (essentially a copy of the security management user interface built into the Mozilla applications) called NSS-GUI.

I also run the site ssltls.de which I use for testing of NSS' support of modern SSL protocols.

You can reach me by email with username kaie at this domain (no www).

If you want to send me encrypted email, you can find my S/MIME certificate in the S/MIME keyserver that I run on this site as a free service.

If you prefer, you can use my new PGP/GPG key (ID 25007724) (signed it using old PGP/GPG key 9379950e).

You could use this form to find the trust path from your GPG key ID to mine:

Sometimes I post to Twitter, if I have something interesting to say. I even have a blog.

I think you should:

  • donate to the Mozilla project, because you really want a free browser, that allows you to access the information of the world for free, without being dependent on corporations, right?
  • donate to Wikipedia, because it protects our knowledge, and helps to educate the world for free, and you're using it too, right?
  • donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, because they help to protect the rights of us individuals in a digital world.

I created a couple of Add-Ons for Firefox, for example to keep the Padlock icon alive, or to make it easier for people worried about governmental Conspiracy to detect them more easily, to keep the list of previously visited pages easily discoverable in the Firefox user interface, or to help those who really really really want to accept bad SSL server certificates easily.

Here is some brainstorming about solving the issues around the detection of compromised Certificate Authorities, which I call Mutually Endorsing CA Infrastructure (MECAI).

A long time ago I wrote an article how to use a 3G/UMTS data card with Linux.

I wrote a small utility to synchronize two directory trees by moving files, avoiding unnecessary copies. You still need to combine it with rsync afterwards, but I think it's helpful. It's called MoveSync. Warning, it doesn't have a GUI, it's a command line utility.

A very very long time ago I helped out a little around stunnel and sslproxy, and I have some old information on that.

In 2003 I tried to enable users of old Mac hardware, running only the classic Mac OS software, to keep using their hardware for a little longer, by giving them a modern build of Mozilla software for their computer. I had called that software WaMCom.

Like many people I sometimes make digital pictures. A long time ago I wrote a minimalistic tool called mvcren to manage copying files from Floppy Disk :) and more recently, I did a little fork of a similar utility called cpc, which I slightly improved and called my derivate work campico.

I have some very old, very small C++ snippets, which I'm only keeping here for sentimental reasons.

A routing diagram for a sound card called ews64 which I happened to use for a very short time.

Also here are some old linux isdn scripts, which today probably aren't of much use any more.

My vision from 1994 of a dynamic information management system :) (Although I'm a critic of Google, I'm thankful that they are keeping the historic newsgroup discussion archives alive, when AltaVista stopped to.)

I had this idea of a new countermeasure to Spam, which I called SpamSalt. Let's see if anyone likes it and implements it.

A small utility named dirage that will recursively search through a directory tree and show the names of the oldest and newest files.

BTW you shouldn't worry too much about the name of this domain - I wanted a short domain name, only a few were left, and I had to invent a meaning for the one I've chosen.

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