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about this site:

  • There are a few blog posts.
  • This server hosts a lot of random tests related to my work, on many non-standard ports, most of them are in the /misc directory. There isn't any index of them.

about me:

  • I work at Red Hat, Inc. on software engineering projects related to Internet security and cryptography protocols. However, this site is run by myself, and the opinions expressed on this site are my own.
  • I'm a Linux user, and I contribute to the Fedora project. I appreciate the ideas of open source and free software.
  • I've been a contributor to the Mozilla project since 2001, including the NSS security library and the security features of the Firefox and Thunderbird applications.
  • Sometimes I post to Twitter or Mastodon.
  • You can reach me by email or xmpp/jabber with username kaie at this domain (without www).

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