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about me:

  • I've been a contributor to the Mozilla.org project since 2001, including the NSS library, and the security, encryption and privacy features of the Firefox and Thunderbird applications.
  • There are a few blog posts.
  • This site is run by myself, and the opinions expressed on this site are my own.
  • You can reach me by email or xmpp/jabber with username kaie at this domain (without www).

secure email and chat:

  • Send me encrypted email using my new OpenPGP/GPG key (1C27423725007724) (signed by previous key 9379950E).
  • See also: additional communication keys (including OTR).
  • You could use this form to find the trust path from your GPG key ID to mine:
  • Or you could try to use S/MIME, you can find my certificate in the S/MIME keyserver that I run on this site as a free service.

projects and ideas:

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about this web site:

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